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The History of Poole Speedway web site was the brainchild of the late Gordon Day, who sadly passed away in 2020. Gordon was Poole Speedway’s official club historian and archivist. His knowledge of Poole Speedway was genuinely unsurpassed. So much so, that to many, he was ‘Mr. Poole Speedway’. Gordon wrote all the content for this web site. All the research, the authorship of the pages, and the photography was supplied by him. Gordon was full of new ideas for this site; sadly, many became only partially finished, and others, even yet to see ‘the light of day’. We will do our best to continue running the site in the spirit he envisaged.

This Poole Speedway history site was put together as a collaboration between Gordon Day and Wessex Digital. Whilst Gordon provided all the content, Wessex Digital designed, and continues to develop and host the website. For more information on site history site please contact site admin. This website is now dedicated to the memory of Gordon Day.

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In Memory of Gordon Day

Gordon was a dedicated, lifelong supporter of the Poole Pirates. He got his first taste of the sport as a 6-year-old in 1950, when he was taken to a match at Poole by his father. Under the stewardship of Mervyn Stewksbury, and co-promotors Matt Ford and Mike Golding he also became the club’s press officer, and match day programme editor. Ford commented “we used to work together on certain things when, as a sponsor, I was helping riders and I made the sincere commitment to Gordon that he would be an integral member of the backroom staff that all clubs need once I had bought it”.

Gordon is missed by all those that have a connection with Poole Speedway, and the speedway world in general. Over the years he had accumulated a vast archive of material on the club, including press cuttings, match programmes, photos, race jackets, speedway publications and much more; all of which he curated single-handedly. He had spent years researching the history of Poole Speedway, and ‘picked the brains’ of many veteran riders from the club’s illustrious past. Gordon was a massive supporter of the sport’s future too; helping young talent to get vital sponsorship. In 1998, he organised an exhibition in collaboration with the town council to mark the club’s 50th anniversary year, and went on to set up the club’s Hall of Fame.

Pirates team manager Neil Middleditch said: “I have known Gordon practically all of my life and he was Mr Poole Speedway. People always phoned me and asked about Poole Speedway. I would tell them to phone Gordon Day, he was the oracle, he knew everything about Poole Speedway. His heart and soul was Poole Speedway. What he didn’t know about Poole Speedway wasn’t worth writing about.” Ford and Golding appointed Gordon as the club statistician, and eventually official historian. Ford paid tribute to him with these words “I genuinely feel that Gordon is irreplaceable, and the sad fact is that there will be parts of our club history that we may never now realise. Gordon will have taken so much information with him”.

As a young man, Gordon had been a successful cycle speedway rider, and latterly used his talent to also help the town’s local cycle speedway club. He could often be found on a weekend down at Baitor Park, with his friends enjoying the action.

It was Gordon who proposed the idea of putting together a website dedicated to the history of Poole Speedway, and this site will remain online in memory of Gordon, and to celebrate the life of one of speedway’s greatest ambassadors.

RIP old friend.

Gordon Day 1944-2020